Friday, April 29, 2011

Living in a Handmade House

I love being surrounded by things handmade. Not only is it beautiful but also reminds me that I am loved - especially when someone else made it! So I went on a hunt around the house to do a snap-umentary of all the handmade items in our house. Some are old, some not so old but all of them I adore.

The red quilt I made with fabrics from Aunty Jean

I  needed a cover for my ipad quickly

Grannie made handbag - out of sample squares!

Handfull of skirts and dresses I made
Quilt funded by K Rudd stimulous

Painting by Beeji and funky card by Stu White

Handmade paper by sister in law Johannah (beside label maker)
Yellow cover by Maz Mellor's mum, sewing machine cover & pin cushin by me

Aunty Jeano's 21st birthday present (part 1)
Drumstick holder made for Joel for Christmas 2008
Aunty Jeano's 21st birthday present quilt (part 2)

Grannie's Christmas mittins!!
"Choctop" bear by me, bear patchwork by Aunty Jean, bible cover by Grannie

One of my first real quilting jobs! (made under direction of aunt)

I STOLE IT! Mum's 21st doily frm one of her sisters.

"Flat Cat" by mum when I was little

Photo box by Beej and Wedding album book by Jenni Lugg

One of the numerous cards made by my dear friend Joy!
I made the handbag (including screen printing the fabric)
Patch angels, little Nate's coat & Xiaoxi's pink nappy bagin progress

"Honey bear", bear broach and blue ribbon bear by Aunty Jean and byebye rabbit by Sonya!

Missing is a cross stitch my cousin Dicky made for me when we were really little (it must still be packed) and a funky opshop recycled belt that I made to go with a dress.

My wedding dress designed and made with love by Aunties Jean, Loi, Rhonno and mum (plus mum made Lilly's outfit)
Mostly I make and give away as presents things for friends and family. Do you have photos of anything I've made you as a present? Post them here! (or send them in)

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  1. It was so much fun spending that time together to make your wedding dress!