Friday, February 25, 2011

A few firsts and things

The finished product and the excited seamstress

 I made my first shirt!! Just finished it this afternoon and had to take a photo just to prove to mum I can make it up myself (sleeves weren't in the original pattern - I just made them up!) and finish a project when it requires buttons. It's made from beautiful Japanese screen printed, double gauze so it is so soft gainst the skin and designed by Nani IRO.

From the back with the cutest pants
and again but with PiZazZ!
Following up the first time shirt are a few other first time 'whipped up' projects

Birthday bag for Alex (original design)
and her first sewing project the bear rug

Bag for 'bear' (original design)

By the way Amy appears to like the dress (but not the camera)! and Diana is once again unclothed until I trial the next design.
I now have a new stash of fabric from Rathdown Remnants - narrowly missing the filming crew for Project Runway - and from GJ's discount fabrics, to make new scarfs, winter coats and bags! Excitement plus!!


  1. So in love with your designs! Just a thought- the wrap around shirt is also a winner for the breastfeeding mummas! Did you make "the cutest pants" or are they are purchase? I love them too; but it's probably the bum that makes them cute! ;)

  2. Hmm...there are a lot of pregnant ladies in Adelaide! (must be the water)

    A pregnant friend of mine wore her wrap skirt to a wedding! We found a nice black top to go with it in the Degraves subway (next to the Cat's Meow)and she looked schmick and comfortable. =) That's after we spent the day shopping at Magnolia Square market in St Kilda! A brilliant adventure if ever there was!